Financial Results Presentation for the Fiscal Period
Ended January 2024 (41st Fiscal Period)

This document is solely intended to provide information and is not intended to solicit securities or special
product transactions.
Information provided in this material is not requested in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Acts
on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations and Government Orders pertaining to them, Cabinet
Office Orders, regulations as well as listing regulation of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Regulation of
Investment Trusts Association, etc and are not disclosure documents or management reports based on
In addition to information on TOKYU REIT, Inc.(“TOKYU REIT”), this document includes charts and data
prepared by Tokyu Real Estate Investment Management Inc.(“Tokyu REIM”) based on data/index and other
information released by third parties. Also, analyses, judgments and other views of Tokyu REIM on such
information at the moment are included in this document. TOKYU REIT and Tokyu REIM assume no
responsibility for the accuracy of data, indexes and other information released by third parties.
The information contained in this document is not audited and there is no assurance regarding the
accuracy and certainty of the information. Analyses, judgments and other non factual views of Tokyu
REIM merely represent views of Tokyu REIM as of the preparation date. Different views may exist and
Tokyu REIM may change its views in the future.
This document contains forward looking statements, such as current plans, strategies and future
performance. These forward looking statements are based on judgments obtained from currently available
information. Please be advised that, for a variety of reasons, actual results may differ materially from those
discussed in the forward looking statements. Events that might affect actual results include, but are not
limited to, fluctuations of the real estate market in Japan, general conditions of the Japanese economy,
competitive pressures and relevant regulations.
Numbers for the same item may be different from other disclosure materials due to difference in rounding.
Dates indicated in this document may differ from business days for the convenience of preparing charts.
Although much attention has been paid to the inclusion of all relevant information in this document, there
may be errors and omissions. Therefore,they are subject to correction or amendment without prior notice.
Information without any special description is that as of January 31 2024.
This document is a translation of the original document in Japanese and is prepared solely for the
convenience of non Japanese speakers. There is no assurance as to the accuracy of the English
translation. The original Japanese document shall prevail in the event of any discrepancies between the
translation and the Japanese original.